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mapScotland to Birmingham Sikh Helpline Bike Ride. Date – 25th to 28th July 2019

a. Day 1 – Edinburgh – Newcastle (120 miles)

b. Day 2 – Newcastle – Leeds (100 miles)

c. Day 3 – Leeds – Derby (80 miles)

d. Day 4 – Derby – Birmingham (50 miles)


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Is this ride for me?

ABSOLUTELY! This cycle is suitable for all ages with the correct training. The minimum age for this cycle is 18 years old. The one thing everyone will have in common is a great sense of adventure and a desire to help a charity. Whether you are taking part as an individual or as a team with friends, team spirit will be flying high on the challenge.


How fit do I need to be?

This cycle ride is challenging and is designed to be demanding but achievable as long as you train beforehand. Remember, you are cycling for 4 days and there could be hot temperatures – the fitter you are the more you will enjoy this challenge. Cycling training tips can be found on the Sikh Helpline website to point you in the right direction and why not join one of our training weekends - it’s a great opportunity for you to meet our team and fellow participants! Please note: in order to complete each day's cycling in a reasonable amount of time we will be aiming to cycle at an average speed of 15mph.


Where will we stay? 

We will stay in local Sikh temples (Gurdwaras) All accommodation will have washing / drying facilities available. If you want to bring your own sleeping bags no problems, however sleeping facilities will be arranged.


Do I need specialist kit?

• We will supply you with a kit list of what to take once you register to take part. What we do ask however is to ensure you have a suitable road bike which has been recently serviced. We will have basic tools and tyre pumps, however if you have any kit you may want to bring along this can be stored in the companying vehicles.


Do I have to carry my own luggage?

No. All luggage will be transported from accommodation to accommodation by our support vehicles. You will need a small saddle bag/bum bag/‘camel bak’ while cycling, to carry items such as gels/bars, sunscreen, etc. Some people find wearing a back pack uncomfortable distance, however it’s your choice.


Food Matters...

• All meals will be provided. While cycling, we will either stop at local cafes/restaurants or be supplied with a packed lunch. We cater for most dietary requirements so long as we know in advance – just fill in the appropriate section on your registration form. Evening dinners and morning breakfasts will be provided by the local Sikh gurdwaras – please note these will be strictly vegetarian. During the ride we will have a well stocked supply of fruit, water, gels, energy bars etc. These will be in the supporting vehicle.


What’s included?

• Transport for you and your bike from Birmingham to Scotland (Pick-ups maybe arranged dependant on locations of entries)

• Return transport for you and your bike

• All accommodation and all meals

• Bottled drinking water, snacks and fruit for all cycling days

• Private vehicle for backup, support and transfers

• Mechanic and medical support


What’s not included?

• Road Bikes – you will need to supply your own bike.

• Hire of any tri bars, specialist kit, shoes, helmets ect.

• Personal ride insurance – it is strongly advised to take this through British cycling


What support is there on the challenge?

• There will be a strong support leader and a tail rider. Full, comprehensive first aid kits will be taken, and we are never too far away from hospitals. A vehicle will accompany the group providing support if needed. You will be in the hands of experienced riders and everyone will be briefed on cycling etiquette. Support is provided but all riders must have a level of self-awareness on health and safety on UK roads.


What happens if I get tired?

•There will be agreed rest stops for drinks and snacks – there is no problem if you need to take more rest stops. A guide will be bringing up the rear of the group on the cycle ride ensuring no-one is left alone – remember though, this is not a race!


How do I go about raising the sponsorship?

•Once you have signed up you will receive a fundraising pack from your charity in order to make your fundraising as easy as possible. I’m interested...


What do I do now?

• Places are limited and go on a first come, first served basis, so try to register as soon as you can!

To register Email us :  YOU NAME and PHONE NUMBER to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Click Here - Once you Email us we will provided with further instructions and next steps.


Is there a minimum sponsorship target?

There is a recommended minimum sponsorship of £500 for this event. We rely on your fundraising to keep up our work - your registration fee only helps to cover the cost of putting the event on - so please raise what you can, to help the sikh helpline.


The Sikh Helpline (SHL) is a registered charity and works independently according to its own policies and mission statement. The helpline offers a free and confidential helpline service to those in need, regardless of whether the caller is of a Sikh background or not. Our service is one of listening and has developed expertise in dealing with cases covering, among many others:

  • Domestic abuse (sexual, physical or emotional)
  • Child abuse (sexual, physical or emotional)
  • Bullying
  • Kakaar issues at school
  • Relationship issues
  • Substance abuse (including drugs and alcohol)
  • Depression and mental health issues.

SHL receives many calls from women and children who are suffering from domestic violence and abuse.



Important Information

• Each rider is expected to be sufficiently trained prior to participation in this event. Each rider must make their own decision with regards to final preparation, whether to participate on the day, nutrition, clothing and equipment etc.

– We (The Sikh help line) will help you with a training plan and also put forward some organised training rides to help you plan for you big four days.

• We expect all participants to follow the Highway Code and be considerate to other road users

• All participants must wear a suitable cycle helmet whilst participating in the event

• Please deposit all rubbish in the support vehicles or at the dedicated feed stations.



DV Sikh HelplineSunday 25th February 2018 saw a first-time-ever event held at a Gurdwara in a little place called West Bromwich. Gurdwara Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji was the location for the Sikh Helpline event, BREAK THE SILENCE. West Midlands Police, Detectives, Right Start Rehabilitation, Jet Singh Trust and others Charities, the group Taraki, psychologists and real-life victims of mental health all came together for the first time in front of the sangat. What was this for? To break the silence on domestic violence, suicide, mental health, alcohol and drug abuse and all of the taboo topics which aren’t usually mentioned in this peaceful, darbar setting. 


harkirat singh

“Just to say, the mental health and community awareness event by Sikh Helpline team was an amazing success." Harkirat Singh

The event began with the Assistant Chief Constable WMP  announcing the reasoning behind why West Midlands police wanted to be the main  sponsor for Sikh Helpline’s Bikeride from Birmingham to Wolverhampton in 2017.  They announced that they were so amazed by the work being done and the ethics so in line with the justice system, that they wanted not only to be a sponsor but the main sponsor.



Next, Detective Inspector Gagy Bedi and Sargeant Gurbinder Kaur, who work on behalf of domestic violence in West Midlands Police explained to the sangat what domestic violence is and examples of it, in both Panjabi and English.

They explained how WMP work with agencies and social care for domestic abuse victims, and who to call in these situations. Detective Inspector Gagy Bedi explained further the relationship between the Sikh community and the police, and how that has built bridges through Sikh Helpline.


police acc“The police are here to fight injustice, and you too have a culture of fighting injustice. When I hear the great work the Sikh helpline does which supports those against injustice, imagine the synergy and energy we can have together. “

Alex Murray, Assistant Chief Constable WMP

hary police


Next, spoke Sargeant Harvey Singh Rai as chair of the WMP Sikh Association, Singh explained that he came into contact with the Sikh  Helpline on a local level on behalf of a child sex exploitation (CSC) and grooming case. Sargeant Harvey Singh Rai urges more to come forward for further projects which can be made possible by the Sikh community and support the Sikh Helpline. 


roshan alcoholRoshan Singh from Right Start Rehabilitation came to speak next on the topic of drugs and alcohol. The organisation has worked with Sikh Helpline where these taboo issues, especially around women, and have come forward and helped save lives. Singh gave some ways in identifying how someone is addicted to drugs and how drug and alcohol abuse links to mental health.


“The talk highlighted what mental health actually is and how and when problems arise and also ways of helping those suffering.”  Aman Kaur

dr singh


Dr. Varinder Singh followed this talk as a practising psychiatrist, and very informatively took the sangat through steps of understanding mental health and how this can be neglected more so than physical health. With real life relatable examples, Dr. Singh gave some interesting facts on suicide rates, anxiety and depression. These later came as key understanding for the next speakers, who were victims of mental health and suicide attempts. 

tarakiSharanjit Singh, the founder of Taraki came to represent a charity he opened because of the need he saw in the Panjabi Sikh community for men to openly deal with mental health issues. Singh spoke about his social anxiety which he first came across and overrode during university time with the help of his housemates, but realised that this help was not available in the community. 

He used this experience to initiate open conversations between Panjabi Sikh men who are struggling with mental issues, but may not have the outlet to understand or deal with them.


“I would just like to say following the event on Sunday was great to see various charity organisations recognise the contribution made by the SHL and the need to work collaboratively together to address issues working the community. ”  S Kaur


bobyBobby Singh from Love Your Postcode came to the stage sharing his personal story of falling, and wanting to commit suicide. What is a delicate subject was highlighted and brought to the forefront of how one can get through these experiences and how Sikhi helped him. Singh explained his meeting with Sikh helpline, and how the organisation has helped so many. Singh motivated the sangat to a ‘Chardikala’ state, and showed his personal life change around.


jat singh

Jet Singh Trust were up next discussing what they do as a charity, which is a physical or mental challenge every month in order to raise money to a given charity. Their generous donation of £2,000 was presented at the event to Sikh Helpline as their chosen charity.

“There are many stresses in our society […] and we need to support those who help us. My plea to all of you, whether you’re here or listening at home, is to surely support Sikh Helpline. (Translated from Panjabi)" Jet Singh Trust


giani sukha singhLastly, the CEO of Sikh Helpline Giani Sukha Singh came to the stage to thank the sangat for being the backbone of the helpline from the support they give. "We need the support of the local communities to help us keep up with the increasing demand of calls. Every call matters and a missed call may be the only attempt someone makes for help. It is crucial that every call is answered." Giani Sukha Singh  


Gurdwara Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji West Bromwich, where the event was held, was also thanked due to the generous support they have given the helpline to serve the sangat. And lastly, the organisations that came together, tackling the problems of today in the Panjabi Sikh community, were also thanked. The committee of Gurdwara Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji West Bromwich in turn thanked Giani Sukha Singh for the amount of service provided to the Sikh community and their generous hours they give of their everyday lifestyle back to the Gurdwara, the community, and to all humans, not just Panjabi Sikhs.


sukhi“This is a really great talk for everyone to get together, because everyone can work hand in hand. The event demonstrated the great work and value add the Sikh Helpline delivers and was a true insight into the benefits of the SHL and who and what it does.”  Sukhy Kaur


The total raised from the Sikh Helpline bike ride which took place in October 2017 was announced as £31,980.47 

chl dr

cc police

Chief Constable, Dave Thompson expressed “We are happy to engage with organisations, such as the Sikh Helpline which make the health and wellbeing of our communities better. I am pleased we can support the good work they do”


All of the sponsor charities were thanked (as written below) and the filming organisations Sky Channels, Sangat TV and Sikh Channel captured this first inspiring and informative event of what will come many more.

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