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Another success! The Sikh Helpline have successfully helped another youth resolve his bullying problems... Everyone can remember when they were in school...

That first day, when you started secondary school, many of us attempted to blend in, make some friends with whom you would spend many enjoyable years with. Meet people you can chill out and share your ups and downs with.Many of us had that chance and will remember our secondary school life to be the best and will never forget it, but there are some of us who don't and some of our youth today who find major difficulties in their school life. Not because they are struggling with their school work, actually a high percentage of our kids do quite well. But because they are outcaste by their class mates because of their religion.donationboy

Recently, we got a phone call from a mother who was concerned about her child at school. He had been bullied several times, reported it to the teachers as he should have done but it was of no use. The teachers regarded it a small problem and put the matter at the bottom of the pile. Meanwhile, the kid was still getting bullied because of his religion and ethnic background. He told his father about it, and the only solution the father had was to cut his hair so that he wouldn't be picked on anymore. But the mother who didn't want her son to stray away from Sikhi decided to call Sikh Helpline . We fax a letter to the head teacher regarding the seriousness of the matter and demanded that someone look into it as soon as possible, with the intention of putting as much pressure on the school to sort out this matter. One of sikh helpline members spoke to the head teacher and within a couple of hours, the head teacher himself confronted the guilty party and punished them accordingly. The youth was able to carry on his school life as normal without having to sacrifice his beliefs.

Thanks to the backing of other organisations and to those who have volunteered to help us, we have achieved results yet again and hope to carry on doing so. This is not an isolated incident and never will be but the least we could do is to help our kids to follow Sikhi as much as we could and not let them be deterred from that path.

Thanks again for everyone's support and we will welcome anyone else who would like to help out.

Thank You


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Another success! The Sikh Helpline have successfully helped another youth resolve his bullying problems... Everyone can remember when they were in school...
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