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There have always been bullies in the world. The recent attention on the subject is proof that it has effects on the victims and must be dealt with the way all social ills have in the past. Much like a surveillance camera, a community can monitor and watch for bullying and then take steps to stop it.


So how do you know if you are being bullied? If someone is causing you harm, physically or emotionally, by verbal harassment, physical contact, or through any other means of intimidation, you are a victim of bullying. This might make you feel sad or depressed. It might make you want to keep away from school or other activities you enjoy due to the bully's presence there. You may feel there is something wrong with you or that it is your fault. This can affect your ability to do well in school and can cause problems in your other relationships.


Understand that a bully may have one or more reasons for his or her actions. There may be trouble in their home; they could have been bullied themselves; they are insecure and need to make themselves look better; and they could have no friends and wants to be sure others don't either.


There are several things you can do to stop the bullying. There are websites with helpful information and phone numbers to call. The first and most important thing is to tell an adult that you trust. Taking a brother, sister, or friend with you for support can take the fear out of telling. Remind yourself that telling is the right thing to do; it is NOT tattle-telling. Also, if you are being bullied on the bus or at school chances are that there is a security camera system installed that can be used as an eyewitness in your case against your bully.


It has been clinically proven that bullying can cause severe emotional harm and in some instances, suicide. Whether child or adult, everyone deserves to feel safe. Everyone has to do their part to put an end to this form of abuse, and with all the resources freely available, the goal can be reached.


"Bullying in schools is a growing problem nationwide. You don't have to suffer in silence if you are being bullied. If you are a parent of a child who is being bullied, take action now. The Sikh Helpline has handled several cases with sucessful outcomes. Contact us if you need help."  

Call Our 24-hours Hotlines: 0799900 4363  or  0845 644 0704

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There have always been bullies in the world. The recent attention on the subject is proof that it has effects on the victims and must be dealt with the way all social ills have in the past. Much like...
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