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For quite some time now, we have heard stories of various techniques used by unscrupulous people to convert young, vulnerable Sikh girls. microphone

Here's one that we have heard before: a Sikh girl is approached and befriended by a person who, over time, gets emotionally close to her and buys her expensive gifts to win her over. They ultimately become intimate and he secretly takes photos of them together. He then persuades her to elope with him and embrace his religion - and here's the catch - if she ever looks back, that photo would be released to her parents and friends!

Well now, we don't have to hear these stories from a third person. Here's an audio (5MB - approx 6 mins.) of a Sikh girl who relates what  happened to her on BBC Asian Network radio ("Nihal" - 20 June 2007, Wed 9am).

audio Hear Sikh girl tell her story of false love used to try to convert her.

Note:  you'll need a media player and speakers.

Here's a common technique used to dupe Sikh girls: a nice Punjabi boy wearing a kara (Sikh bangle) meets a Sikh girl and starts chatting with her. "It's ok",  she thinks, "after all he's one of us". Later she finds out that he's Muslim, not Sikh. The kara has deceived her in bringing her guard down - precisely what he intended!

audio Girl asks: Why do Muslim boys wear the Sikh "kara"?

Note:  you'll need a media player and speakers.A member of the Sikh Underground Society voices is concerns: In this 4min audio, a representative presents his case on Nihal and relates some of the techniques used to dupe / seduce young Sikh girls.

audio Hear the Sikh Underground Interview

Download: Victimised girl writes her story to warn others: The story of this girl was widely distributed at Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak Jatha, Soho Road, Birmingham.

Victimised girl writes her story (PDF)

Note:  you'll need Acrobat Reader to read this download.

Related story:  Muslims accused of blackmail to make student girls convert. Sikh Helpline says:  Blackmail and other extreme techniques used to convert people is a criminal offence in the United Kingdom. Don't let the fear of having intimate photos released be used as a tool to manipulate you for the rest of your life. Take charge of your life - make an immediate police report. If you have a story to tell, write to us.

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