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His Pride & Joy Home to Her Family

Sikhtimes A Sikh girl has retuned home with her identity intact, therefore her dignity cannot and must not be questioned

Young people make mistakes, some bigger then others, but ultimately if they learn something from their errors they must not be punished mentally or indeed physically.

Growing up in a multi cultural society is hugely difficult, there will be times when Sikh youngsters are either confused or na?ve, which may result them in becoming victims of such situations. It means that that they don?t understand how detrimental it may be to themselves or their families.

The price of these mistakes is something that they have to live with, but the consequences can be alleviated by the families and the community, if they show some compassion and understanding.

The consensus of opinion is that Asians can not cope with these types of situations, some dealing with honour killings. Sikhs have the opportunity to demonstrate they are not a barbaric race, but one that has respect for humanity.

Sikhs now have the opportunity to prove that they are a mature community, one that can significantly prove that they have relationships and respect for their children.

Children equally have to ensure that they do not let others influence them in such a way that they end up hurting their parents, questioning their integrity to be good parents.

Girl's Father decision to go to the media must have been hugely difficult, but one I would like to assure everyone that has contributed to bringing his daughter, his pride and joy home to her family.

The honour is in living with their children?s mistakes and not killing them. 

Gurjeet Kaur, Editor of The Sikh Times newspaper

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