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Grooming and Conversions

Introduction to Grooming and Conversion

category groomingGrooming is when an emotional connection is built with another person to gain their trust for the purposes of sexual actives, abuse, financial gain or exploitation. Children and young people can be particularly vulnerable to grooming. Victims of grooming are often targeted online or in society, by a stranger or by someone they know, such as a family member, friend or professional. Groomers may be male or female and can be of any age. Many people do not realise that they are being groomed or are being abused.


Conversion is a similar process of control and manipulation; individuals can become victims of forced conversions to different religions. Forced conversion has a strong association with religion, as individuals are able to influence others to change their religion by undermining their faith. Often, vulnerable people are targeted who have little connection with their own faith and beliefs. In most cases the process may involve threatening behaviour, physical harm or emotional harm.

These processes of grooming and forced conversion can happen both online and in society. Perpetrators will hide their true intentions and may spend a long time gaining the victims trust as well as their families in some situations.


If you are worried about yourself, a friend or family member who is suffering from grooming or forced conversion, it is important to get help. Talking to the Sikh Helpline can help to give you a better understanding of the problem and how to best deal with it. We can help you to by supporting you and you getting you in touch with the right agencies.


Talking to the Sikh Helpline can help to give you a better understanding of the problem and how to best deal with it. We can help by supporting and getting you in touch with the right agencies. The Sikh Helpline is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help and you can contact us anytime.


Together, we can make a difference, and put an end to unethical techniques used to manipulate our youth. The silence of victims will only embolden the perpetrators and put other younsters at risk.

Call Our 24hrs Helplines: 0799900 4363 or 0845 644 0704


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As they grow up, youth are exposed to a number of factors which may either increase their risk for, or protect them from, problems such as abusing drugs or engaging in delinquent behavior.

?Risk factors? are any circumstances that may increase youths? likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors. Conversely, ?protective factors? are any circumstances that promote healthy youth behaviors and decrease the chance that youth will engage in risky behaviors.

Risk factors and protective factors are often organized into five categories:

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Peer group
  • Community


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His Pride & Joy Home to Her Family

Sikhtimes A Sikh girl has retuned home with her identity intact, therefore her dignity cannot and must not be questioned

Young people make mistakes, some bigger then others, but ultimately if they learn something from their errors they must not be punished mentally or indeed physically.

Growing up in a multi cultural society is hugely difficult, there will be times when Sikh youngsters are either confused or na?ve, which may result them in becoming victims of such situations. It means that that they don?t understand how detrimental it may be to themselves or their families.
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Sikhs Ardass Never Fails!

Jan Ki Ardas11 July 2007. The Sikh Times has issued a news item about the Amritdhari girl was returned to her family after a brief disappearance. Click on the link below to read details as well as statements issued by the girl's father and other members of the Sikh community.She was still wearing her five ?K? a mark that she is an Amritdahari Sikh, her long hair covered by a ?keski? Ardass (prayers) was said for the safe return of this young girl, along with prayers to Waheguru for all the other children who had left home, for their safe return to their families.She expressed a wish to go home, police assisted with the process, returning her to her family home.

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Source: Daily News (13 June 2007):

Extremist Muslims who force vulnerable teenage girls to convert to Islam are being targeted by police, Met. Chief Sir Ian Blair (right) has revealed.

Police are working with universities to clamp down on "aggressive conversions" during which girls are beaten up and forced to abandon university courses.

The Hindu Forum of Britain claims hundreds of mostly Sikh and Hindu girls have been intimidated by Muslim men who take them out on dates before terrorising them until they convert.

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Source: World Sikh News  Written by Harjot Singh Saturday, June 09, 2007,

police LONDON: In a sensational piece of news, the Birmingham Mail has reported that a teenage Sikh girl was being guarded by police after claims that she had been forced to convert to Islam.

An armed gang smashed their way into a house in Erdington last month and threatened the occupants, apparently in search of the girl.

She was reported missing from her family home in West Bromwich a few days earlier.

They are concerned that the girl, understood to be a student at Sutton Coldfield college, could have been forced to switch religion, it was reported.

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For quite some time now, we have heard stories of various techniques used by unscrupulous people to convert young, vulnerable Sikh girls. microphone

Here's one that we have heard before: a Sikh girl is approached and befriended by a person who, over time, gets emotionally close to her and buys her expensive gifts to win her over. They ultimately become intimate and he secretly takes photos of them together. He then persuades her to elope with him and embrace his religion - and here's the catch - if she ever looks back, that photo would be released to her parents and friends!

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