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Broken Heart

A call received by the Sikh HelpLine

I was in a suicidal state when my fiance broke our engagement. We have been engaged for three years now, and it was a second marriage for the both of us. Things were great between us and our families. Then over the last few weeks, I noticed a lot of changes in my fiance. His personality was changing, he became more abrupt and began hiding things from me lying to me, and he was declining my calls and not responding to my message. I had suspicions that he was having an affair with another woman and with the continuation of his unusual behavior confirmed my suspicions. When I confronted him and brought the subject up in a conversation,

broken heartI was made to feel that it was my fault that our relationship was falling apart, and that I was the reason my fiance was looking elsewhere. In Sikhi, adultery is a sin, and I would never dream of doing this to someone else, but it was happening to me. My world was collapsing I had nowhere to go or anyone to talk to, until I came across the Sikh Helpline.

The phenji that I spoke had taken a lot of time to help me and she listened to my problems and helped me through a difficult time. It was so difficult and heart breaking to put my family through the pain that I was going through. I have been in regular contact with the phenji for many months now; she has shown me the light and given me a lot of support she was non-judgmental, friendly. The helpline has been a blessing for me, I really needed someone to listen to me and understand me. The helpline is easily accessible, the sevadaars are here to help all Sikhs and my Sikh sisters who need a sisters help. I thank you Waheguru may god allow the Sikh helpline to carry on doing a great job, helping people like me through such difficult times

The message that our sevadaar received from the bhenji above after getting through this time of hardship...


Thank you phenji you have helped a falling sister rise again. Only god knows how you much you have helped me. I believe that god sent you my way

I dont know what I would have done without youhand

I now go to the Gurdwara every day and I recite Chaupai sahib and Mool mantr daily. I have started to learn Punjabi at the local Gurughar. I am finding the routes that maybe my parents did not instill in me as a child, and because of a bad time in my life it has now led me to the Sikh Helpline where I have met friends rather than strangers but it has also led me back to my Sikhi


Talking to the Sikh Helpline can help to give you a better understanding of the problem and how to best deal with it. We can help by supporting you and getting you in touch with the right agencies. The Sikh Helpline is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help and you can contact us anytime.


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