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Introduction to Relationship Issues

category relationship issuesRelationship issues often occur within families & marriages where there are situations and difficulties that have a negative effect on the short and long term success of an intimate relationship.


Each family is different and each relationship is different, made up of different people, with different needs and ideas. It is common for couples and families to have a few bumps in their relationships. However, often, if you recognise the issues in good time, the relationship problems that might begin causing bigger issues can be avoided and you can work on them to get past them more easily.

To be successful, families and couples need to learn how to manage the bumps and keep their love for one another going. Often, this can be achieved with patience, a positive attitude to tackle the problems and by learning ways to get through the complex issues of everyday life.


Talking to the Sikh Helpline can help to give you a better understanding of the problem and how to best deal with it. We can help by supporting you and getting you and your family in touch with the right agencies. The Sikh Helpline is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help and you can contact us anytime.


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Looking for Attention:

This is a case of a girl who contacted the Sikh helpline after having nowhere else to turn, at a real low point in her life. She reluctantly explained her dire situation of being regularly sexually molested and abused by a few of her male peers at school. The boys taking full advantage of the girl's vulnerable mental state; unaware of her fractured, emotional psyche. Maybe they just didn't care but for satisfying their own lustful needs. Little did they know the despair they were compounding into the heart of their victim.


The volunteer, who handled the call, gently and sensitively probed into her home life; to get insight as to what her family environment was like. At this point it is worth pointing out that anyone who reaches out for help are the true warriors in life. It takes real bravery to look inside and recognise if there is a problem in your life. Further still, to take action is truly courageous.

Reluctantly the brave girl opened up. It transpired the her average evening would go something like this:

Conversion Case

WeddingI got married last year; within nine months of marriage I started suffering serious depression including feeling suicidal and one day my husband left me at my parents doorstep saying I needed a break. He never contacted me again, never responded to my calls or messages. He started telling his family that our marriage was over without even telling me. He completely abandoned me when I was at the lowest point in my life.


I was devastated at the time and felt that it was somehow my fault. However, in the weeks that followed, I opened up to my family and my therapist about my husbands behaviour whilst we were married. It became apparent that during our marriage I had been subjected to emotional, physical, financial and sexual abuse which I had learnt to become passive to.

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