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The Sikh Helpline needs your support


We are here to provide support to young people around the UK deal with various issues. In order to continue this service we need people like you to donate as much as you can spare. Our greatest fear is that when desperate children call our Hotline for help they will find our lines busy and never ring again.

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He laughed in my face and said:
2014-07-31, 19:57

"He laughed in my face and said:

"I was so lost due to their manipulation" - received by the Sikh HelpLine
2014-07-31, 19:48

"I was lost due to their manipulation.."

We hear of people from different faiths trying to manipulate the minds of the Sikh people, by being cunning and deceitful, but such things are taking place within our own faith. There are some Sikhs who not just carry out anti Sikh behavior, but also promote it.

I had met such people in my life, they were cunning and manipulative and very convincing that they made me believe in that the way they were living and behaving was the right way for a Sikh to live. They convinced me so much that I turned against the values of my family, without realising it I broke all relationships with all the people who truly cared for me. I left my parents, my siblings and my future partner. These people knew exactly what they were doing and the reason they turned me against my loved ones was so that they could control me and my mental state. I was so absorbed in to their way of thinking that I was being told that nitnem and doing bani was a waste of time. I knew my Sikhi and my gurus

Domestic Violence Case - Call received by the Sikh HelpLine
2014-07-31, 19:46

"May Akaal Purakh Waheguru Continue to bless the helpline to continue to help silent victims like me.."

A call was received by the Sikh Helpline regarding a rape case that had been brought to the forefront after the highlighted press case from Delhi in the recent news. A sister who was in deep distress having hidden her pains for many decades until she couldn

A call received by the Sikh HelpLine
2014-07-31, 19:33

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