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 Volunteers, we need your support!

Welcome to the Sikh Helpline, winners of the Sikh World Awards 2014 ?Sikhs in Charity?, and nominees for the West Midlands Diamond Awards 2015.

What we do

The Sikh Helpline is a registered charity that offers a free and confidential helpline service to those in need.

We adhere to principles of equality and diversity, and provide support to people of all different cultural backgrounds. Our service is one of listening and supporting, and has developed an expertise in dealing with a variety of personal and social issues.


Some of the issues that we deal with are:

  •  Domestic Abuse
  •  Child Abuse
  •  Bullying
  •  Relationship Issues
  •  Substance Abuse
  •  Depression and Mental Health Issues


How you can help us


Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation

Your time, support and commitment, along with personal experience, professional expertise and specialism is what makes our service valuable.


We are always looking for professionals and non-professionals in a variety of supporting roles such as: 

  • Providing Support & Care
  • Experience with Domestic Issues
  • Solicitors and Barristers to support our legal team
  • Councillors and Psychologists
  • Media, PR and Marketing
  • T.V and Radio
  • Fundraising and Events Management
  • Any other useful skills!

The Sikh Helpline has a strong track record of initiating and developing public awareness campaigns on issues including domestic abuse, substance abuse and sexual grooming. These campaigns have involved creating and distributing multimedia resources, posters, information leaflets and hosting presentations and workshops across Gurdwaras, Universities, schools and other public forums, in order to raise awareness and discuss prevention/reduction methods. We are working hard to break down cultural barriers to provide people the help they need.


The Sikh Helpline would like to say thank you to everyone, we have currently stopped taking on any new volunteers, however if you feel you can bring any specialist skills such as accountancy, media experience, legal advice etc please call us directly to see if you can join.


The Sikh Helpline is a charity that relies on your donations to keep this lifeline operating around the clock, any amount you can spare will help another in need.

Monthly Donations

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86 Birmingham St,
Oldbury, West Midlands,
B69 4EB, U.K.

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