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Sikh Helpline

 Volunteers, we need your support!

Welcome to the Sikh Helpline, winners of the Sikh World Awards 2014 ?Sikhs in Charity?, and nominees for the West Midlands Diamond Awards 2015.

What we do

The Sikh Helpline is a registered charity that offers a free and confidential helpline service to those in need.

We adhere to principles of equality and diversity, and provide support to people of all different cultural backgrounds. Our service is one of listening and supporting, and has developed an expertise in dealing with a variety of personal and social issues.


Some of the issues that we deal with are:

  •  Domestic Abuse
  •  Child Abuse
  •  Bullying
  •  Relationship Issues
  •  Substance Abuse
  •  Depression and Mental Health Issues


How you can help us


Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation

Your time, support and commitment, along with personal experience, professional expertise and specialism is what makes our service valuable.


We are always looking for professionals and non-professionals in a variety of supporting roles such as: 

  • Providing Support & Care
  • Experience with Domestic Issues
  • Solicitors and Barristers to support our legal team
  • Councillors and Psychologists
  • Media, PR and Marketing
  • T.V and Radio
  • Fundraising and Events Management
  • Any other useful skills!

The Sikh Helpline has a strong track record of initiating and developing public awareness campaigns on issues including domestic abuse, substance abuse and sexual grooming. These campaigns have involved creating and distributing multimedia resources, posters, information leaflets and hosting presentations and workshops across Gurdwaras, Universities, schools and other public forums, in order to raise awareness and discuss prevention/reduction methods. We are working hard to break down cultural barriers to provide people the help they need.


The Sikh Helpline would like to say thank you to everyone, we have currently stopped taking on any new volunteers, however if you feel you can bring any specialist skills such as accountancy, media experience, legal advice etc please call us directly to see if you can join.


The Sikh Helpline is a charity that relies on your donations to keep this lifeline operating around the clock, any amount you can spare will help another in need.

Monthly Donations

Grooming Awareness Campaign 2013

With the recent High profile sexual abuse cases related to street grooming gangs the Sikh Helpline is launching a "Grooming Awareness Campaign". We are aiming to reach as many young people and family members as possible and make them aware of the dangers of street and online grooming. We are aiming to do this by providing information , creating multimedia resources, and encouraging family members and young people to discuss these issues openly so that there is fewer young people vulnerable to these malicious gangs. You can help us by reading the information, sharing it with others, doing a presentation in your local area and above all speaking to young members of your own family so they can be aware.

As Sikhs we beleive in a saying from our scriptures "treat other women as your mothers, sisters and daughters accordingly" So it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of young girls regardless of their race, religion or colour as they are also someone's daughter or sister.


What is Street Grooming?

Street grooming refers to the deliberate befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child in preperation for sexual activity or exploitation. It can also involve the use of gifts, alcohol and drugs to lower the childs inhibitions. The children are then pimped out and blackmailed with naked photos or threats of violence towards family members.


Why is it hard to recognise?

Victims often dont realise that they are victims of sexual exploitation until its too late. Victims often form an emotional bond or beleive they are in a relationship with their abusers. Emotional blackmail, threats to family members and and abusers control over the victims lead to them never reporting incidents of abuse and suffering in silence.


Awareness Tools

The following tools have been prepared to enable you to raise awareness, please feel free to download and share. TOOLS WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON

  • Awareness Leaflet
  • Presentation
  • Awareness video
  • Online Safetly Checklist


Other Resources

Here are other great resources that you an tap into to raise awareness.

  • Awareness Leaflet
  • Presentation
  • Awareness video
  • Online Safetly Checklist


For Young People

Raising awareness about grooming is key, in order to prevent the exploitation of more children. Anyone has the power to raise this awareness. The Sikh Helpline grooming awareness campaign, making resources readily available to people who want to raise awareness on the issue. These resources can be found on and downloaded from the Sikh Helpline website.
  • Distributing awareness leaflets is an easy way to make people aware of the issue
  • You can do an informative presentation in your religious center or any place permitting
  • You can spread an awareness video online
  • Online Safety Checklist
  • Just start talking about it


For Parents / Carers

As a parent it is essential to make your child aware of the dangers and potential risks. Stay alert to any changes of behaviour in them. Family discussion on the topic is very important. As well as raising awareness with your child, you also have a crucial part to play in being able to recognise any exploitation that may be taking place.
  • Look out for any changes in behaviour, such as staying out late, not returning home, or spending a lot of time on the internet.
  • Understand the risks of your child being online, and put in parental measures reduce these risks.
  • Be aware of the friends your child keeps, in particular older friends, or relationships where there seems to be a power imbalance.
  • Stay alert to any physical signs of abuse like bruising, and be aware if your child is receiving any unexplained gifts.
  • Be aware of how your child is doing at school, and whether they are disengaged or even attending.
  • Look out for unexplained or inappropriate sexual behaviour. Be aware of any self-harming or present disorders.

Our Supporters

The past few years has seen the service grow at an exponential rate with service users being spread throughout the country and in order to meet this need we have expanded our volunteer network to cover as much of the UK as possible. This was achieved with the help of our supporters including the following individuals and businesses:


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53144-facebook-fb-logoyoutube_icondownloadThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"A place in God's court can only be attained if we do service for others in this world." ~ SGGS 26

It was with dedication to the above quote said beautifully by our King of Kings Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji that the Sikh Helpline was created by volunteers some 13 years ago. We were blessed by Guru Ji with having the drive, the passion, and the desire to help our fellow brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters who were clearly in need of support. Our desire to provide was never-ending. we were just ordinary people who wanted to make a difference in the lives of other Sikhs.


We need your help
to support our next generation

We continue to be inundated with calls. Almost every caller begins their story with ?I have nobody else to turn to??. We will remain true to the Seva that Guru Ji has blessed us with and we will show them that we are their true Sikhs.

We have therefore taken the unprecedented step of opening an office especially for Sikh Helpline calls, and with the blessing of Guru Ji, we have decided to employ a full time worker, so we can provide the best and immediate service to those that are in need of our help and support. It is for this reason and this reason only that we ask you as humble servants of Guru Ji for your support.


The Sikh Helpline Charity Bike Ride is an annual event that helps us to raise awareness of issues facing the community as well as the assistance that we can offer. It is also an important opportunity for us to raise much-needed funds to operate all our programmes.

Interest in The Charity Bike Ride has been mushrooming from year to year and many individuals and organisations/sponsors have come forward to contribute toward the event. We are forever grateful to them as well as the growing number of participants who not only make it possible but also tremendously fun! Thank you, all!

We welcome sponsorships! Contact us for more information. Thank you!



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